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At many elegant affairs as well as millions of home parties where food and beverages are served, there are simply not enough seats for the guests. As a result, more often than not, your distinguished guests move about holding their plate in one hand and their drink in the other. This creates a challenging situation not only for the guests, but for the host as well. Now you, the host, have created a scenario where your guests have no hands free to eat with or to hold a utensil - what do you do!

The Party Plate(s) solves this dilemma on two fronts: 1) Your guests can circulate, eat, meet and greet other guests without spilling their food and/or drinks on your expensive flooring and 2) You have brilliantly softened the fact that there is nowhere to sit. You have actually improved the party because the majority of your guests would prefer to mingle rather than sit stationary at a table.

The Party Plate(s) ~ Great for…

Tailgating Parties

Family Reunions

Cocktail Parties

Super Bowl Parties

Birthday Parties

Sports Parties

New Years Eve Parties

Fraternity & Sorority Parties

Corporate Parties

Caterers & Event Planners

Theme Parks, etc.

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